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Things which annoy me

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 20, 2013, 2:06 PM

okay guys so for this rant journal i have decided a death note skin would be appropriate because it just is anyways lets get on...
im going to make a list

1. people who ask for a masterpiece of a request
im sure many of you get this all the time you open your requests because you're bored and BAM this person you don't even know sends you a paragraph of what they want in their fully shaded 1:8th scale character with background and they put stuff in like oh this has to be this big because if its not i'm afraid your gonna have to change it because i'm too poor to pay money for something so talented.
it gets on my nerves how selfish people can be

2.when they make fun of your art on purpose
literally everyone will have gotten this , someone in your class would have insulted your art for the fun of it i swear one day i'll pwn them some how
but its not cool man that you believe humour comes from the misfortune or whatever of others

3.Too many compliments
yeah even the good stuff gets annoying because once they say something good about you its all UGH MY ART SUCKS I'M GONNA CUT MYSELF AGAIN : ((
(of course i do realize some people self harm and its not cool to make fun of them but i wasn't really  sorry if i offended anyone)

4.suck ups
its really hard to tell if someone is trying to suck up to you for your art because many people just want to be your friend because you and them have things in common but sometimes there are people you need to avoid its just so hard to tell who they are
i have this problem since there are tons of people i think would be good friends because of our similar interests and they're just plain awesome sometimes

Skin by Little-Vampire (modified by Ivveh)
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